Employment Essentials

The JIB offers a number of employment essentials to its member companies – many of which are detailed fully in the JIB Handbook. 

These essential tools cover the key aspects of employment in the electrical contracting environment, offering clearly defined policies and comprehensive services designed to help members avoid unrest and uncertainty.

Employment Contracts

A template Contract of Employment is available to assist JIB member companies in meeting their legal responsibilities under s.1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA) and provides an easy reference to the key terms and conditions of employment for operatives and apprentices. This document should be provided with reference to the JIB collective agreement, which is the JIB Handbook.

The purpose of this template is to provide general guidance and information only. Although every effort is made to ensure that the content is accurate, the JIB cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any inaccuracy contained within it, nor for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, which may be suffered as a result of any reliance placed upon the information provided, whether arising in contract, tort or in any other way. Advice should always be obtained from a company’s own professional advisers before committing to a specific action.

This is the basic template. A company may wish to add further information or further policies to this template as necessary.

The template can be downloaded here.

Equal Opportunities Policy

The JIB and the SJIB jointly developed the Equal Opportunities Policy for use by JIB and SJIB member companies.

A statement on this policy is included within the National Working Rules, encouraging companies to adopt an approach to support, develop and promote diversity and equality in all employment practices and activities.

The Equal Opportunities Policy can be downloaded here and can be adapted and incorporated into a company handbook or contracts as necessary.

Dispute Resolution

JIB has had over 40 years’ experience of dispute resolution and mediation. JIB’s aim is to provide a forum by which it fairly adjudicates upon all kinds of disputes arising from industry employment.

Under the JIB Disputes Procedure, JIB acts as an independent industrial relations body operating on behalf of the industry. JIB’s disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures (collectively known as the Disputes Procedures) are set out within the JIB National Working Rules 19 & 20. There is also an overview on how the disputes procedure operates in section 3 of the JIB Handbook.

Some of the benefits to using the JIB Disputes Procedure are:

  • It is free to use (and there are no fees that can be levied against employers if a Claimant is successful through the process such as through the Employment Tribunal)
  • There is a free mediation service which has a consistently high success rate
  • It is highly regarded by Acas
  • By using a service that is specific to the industry, there is a much greater chance that the issue can be resolved earlier prior to a case being lodged at Tribunal and parties becoming “entrenched in their views”
  • Savings can be made on legal costs as representation through the procedure is available free of charge from the ECA

A free mediation and conciliation service is also available to company members, any of their directly-employed JIB-graded operatives and all apprentices. This can be provided even if a claim has not yet been lodged.

To make use of the pre-claim mediation and conciliation service please email ir@jib.org.uk or call 01322 661600 and select the Industrial Relations Department.


The Bluesky Section of Crystal (Evolve Pensions) has been the JIB’s chosen pension provider for over 30 years.

Evolve Pensions is at the forefront of pension provision and operates a variety of products and systems to ensure quality employers and their employees receive the best service. Evolve is not driven by profit and prides itself on partnerships rather than provision.

Members of The Bluesky Section of Crystal can view their fund in real time, check personal details, update beneficiaries, and complete transfers-in using the 24/7 self-service portal, evoLink. Additionally, using evoPlanner, members can see how changing the amount they pay in each month or transferring in might affect the value of their retirement savings when they are ready to start accessing them. 

Any employer can join The Bluesky section of Crystal using the online process and there are no sign-up charges for members of the JIB. Members can register to sign up through the secure online portal by visiting the website

For further information email clientservices@evolvepensions.co.uk

Value of Membership

Incorporating a broad range of employment resources and benefits, JIB membership represents outstanding value.

Benefits of Membership

Regardless of company size, JIB membership offers electrical contractors an industry recognised employment package.