Disputes Procedure

Under the JIB Disputes Procedure, we act as an independent industrial relations body operating on behalf of the industry. 

Our disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures (collectively known as the Disputes Procedures) are set out within the JIB National Working Rules 19 & 20. You’ll also find an overview of how the disputes procedure operates in section 3 of the JIB Handbook.

If you have a grievance at work…

…it’s always preferential to resolve this internally and informally where possible. In situations where this is not possible, a grievance should be raised through the company’s internal grievance procedure (see National Working Rule 19).

Following exhaustion of this procedure, including any appeal, a claim can be lodged through the JIB Dispute Procedure by directly employed operatives of JIB members and any registered apprentices under the terms of the JIB Agreement. This is the same following Disciplinary Hearing procedures (see National Working Rule 20).

Rule 17 Claims 

Unite the Union Officers bringing claims for a Breach of National Working Rule 17 will need to use the specific form below: 

Application Form for a Breach of National Working Rule 17

A specific Guidance Booklet for Rule 17 claims is available and should be read in conjunction with the Application Form when a Unite the Union Regional Officer is submitting a claim. 

Benefits of the Disputes Procedure

This process is similar to an Employment Tribunal process, though not as formal. Some of the benefits to using the JIB Disputes Procedure are:

  • It is free to use
  • There is no service requirement (such as the two-year service requirement to lodge unfair dismissal claims through the Employment Tribunal)
  • There is a free mediation service, which has a consistently high success rate (there were no Dispute Hearings necessary in 2016 as all cases were resolved)
  • It is highly regarded by Acas
  • It does not take away an individual’s right to go to Tribunal after obtaining an Acas Early Conciliation Certificate.

A free mediation and conciliation service is also available to any JIB-graded operative directly employed by a JIB member and any registered apprentice. This voluntary service can be provided even if a claim has not yet been lodged.

To take advantage of this service or with any other query please email ir@jib.org.uk or call 01322 661600 and select the Industrial Relations Department.

Queries relating to alleged breaches of the JIB Agreement not related to an employment claim should be referred to the Industrial Relations Department on the contact details above. 

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