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West & West Electrical Engineering

Standing out as a beacon of quality, safety and excellence within the industry is increasingly important and JIB membership is a significant marker of distinction.

JIB membership is synonymous with quality and assures clients that they are engaging with a company committed to the highest standards of workmanship and safety. For West & West, this means that projects are completed and accomplished with an assurance of excellence and compliance with the latest industry standards.

"For companies like us, being a JIB member is not just a badge of honour; it's a testament to our commitment to the highest standards in our field."

The company is also committed to training and development and welcomes the opportunities that JIB membership brings. Membership also offers health and safety guidelines, ethical standards, HR solutions and impartial dispute resolution services. This means that any issues can be resolved swifty, ensuring a stable workforce, to focus on project delivery.

"Our JIB membership is a cornerstone of our business ethos. It reinforces our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in our operations, from safety and training to quality assurance and ethical practices. It also gives our clients the confidence that they are partnering with a leader in the electrical contracting industry, one recognised for its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement."


BGEN is a multi-disciplined engineering solutions provider, operating in a diverse range of industry sectors in the UK and internationally, and providing a wide scope of project services from project management, design, fabrication and installation to commissioning and ongoing maintenance services. 

Nick Woollacott, BGEN IR/Labour Manager, commented: “As a long-standing member of the JIB quality, efficiency and our people are at the heart of the values of BGEN Ltd. JIB membership helps us to stand out as a quality employer and the JIB benefits package demonstrates to our people and the outside world that we value them. 

"The JIB brings stability to the industry by implementing good work practices and setting standards. It sets benchmarks to assess competencies that ensures the workforce is suitably skilled, it also promotes personal professional development that encourages all members to adopt and learn new skills and practices. Furthermore, the JIB team are always at the end of a phone providing support when we need it."

Camelot Electrical

Camelot Electrical carries out a wide range of electrical installation works, mainly within major projects such as complete new electrical and data installations or refurbishments for call centres, schools, and the police authority. 

Paul Russell, Director at Camelot, commented: “We joined the JIB as we wanted to introduce more clarity across our business in terms of employment structure and everyone 'singing from the same hymn sheet.'

"The health cover provided by the Benefits Scheme allows us to give something back to our engineers, and over the course of this year we also plan to take advantage of the Occupational Health Assessments available to us. The fact that we can subcontract with other JIB members is also a benefit and we hope this will open up more business opportunities to us." 

RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services

Founded in Swansea in 1988, RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services has grown to become one of the most prominent in the industry. David Kieft is one of the Owner Directors and is a Past President of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA). David has a great record of promoting training within the engineering industry, as well as within his own company. 

RDM makes good use of both its JIB and ECA membership, mostly on human resources and employment issues. David commented: "We are engineers and, for us, HR is a minefield. The JIB and ECA understand our industry."

David has also received assistance in identifying the training needs of his staff, especially when it comes to keeping up to date with regulation changes that affect the industry. 

David added: "People often don’t see the true value of the JIB wage and benefits package. There is a lot in the package that would be hard, if not impossible, to get elsewhere for the same price. And then there are the non-monetary benefits; the way that the JIB employers look after their people - employment protection and various items of insurance cover. 

"The recognition we gain in other areas of the construction industry by virtue of our JIB and ECA membership is extremely helpful, even if it is hard to quantify its monetary value.

"With the JIB and ECA, there is always somewhere to turn; always someone there who can help you with any issues. These people are always on top of their game and professional at all levels in their approach."

About the JIB

The JIB works within the electrical contracting industry to set the highest employment standards and regulate relations between employers and employees.

Benefits of Membership

Regardless of company size, JIB membership offers electrical contractors an industry recognised employment package.