Benefits of Membership

Regardless of company size, JIB membership offers electrical contractors not only an industry recognised employment package but also a range of cost savings and other benefits designed to support the business.

Take a look at the summary below for what's available to JIB members and use the benefits calculator to work out a personalised summary of savings and other benefits.

Lodging Allowance

For JIB members paying the JIB Lodging Allowance of £44.79 per night, there's a tax saving in employer NI contributions of £6.18 per operative per night, or £30.91 per week for 5 nights lodging, compared to companies paying the same amount but not operating in strict adherence to the JIB Agreement or operating under special tax procedures. This saves administrative burden and allows JIB member companies to access these special tax arrangements with HMRC not generally available. 

Mileage Allowance

For JIB members providing the JIB Mileage Allowance of 22p per mile to operatives that use their own transport to and from the site, mileage allowance provisions provide a saving of 3p per mile between the Job and the Shop compared to those not covered by the special tax procedures (2020 rates). On a job 25 miles from the Shop, this would equate to just under £400 per employee per year. 

ECS In-house Invigilation

JIB members are able to invigilate ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessments in-house which means not only a cost saving of £18 per assessment, but also bring time savings as employees can simply come to the office rather than travel to an external assessment centre. Calculator savings are based on £18 per assessment and a half day rate for an Approved Electrician at the National Standard rate.

ECS Card Discounts

JIB members receive a £12 (incl. VAT) discount on online card applications and renewals. These savings are automatically applied for members via the ECS Employer Portal.

Client Recognition

The JIB has continued to work with some of the industry's largest and most respected clients to encourage the use of JIB member companies and the standards which underpin members. Information on major projects, central government contracts and construction charters is available here.

Skills Development Fund

Employees of JIB member companies can benefit from the JIB Skills Development Fund. Support is available to cover up to 75% of eligible courses, which are usually those which are over and above the requirements of JIB grading. This could provide financial support of up to £750 per year for Level 3 courses, up to £1000 for Level 4 and 5 courses and up to £1250 for Level 6 courses. Many companies successfully reclaim thousands of pounds every year on their training costs. 

Occupational Health Assessments

JIB members can receive full funding for Occupational Health Assessments (OHA) for all operatives that participate in the JIB Benefits Scheme. Each operative can receive one funded occupational health assessment every three years, via a JIB-approved provider. Members can obtain this funding from ECIS up to the cost of the OHA, or £85 (excl. VAT), whichever is the lowest amount.

Disputes Resolution

The JIB acts as an impartial 'go-between' when disputes arise, covering grievances on unfair dismissal, underpayments of wages, holiday pay and redundancy. Free to JIB members, this type of mediation can cost up to £800 per day from other providers. By using the JIB, the significant costs of Employment Tribunal can be avoided - an average one-day unfair dismissal case is now estimated to cost over £7,000. Further information about the disputes procedure.

Affinity Benefits and Member Discounts

JIB members also benefit from a discount on CompEx courses.

Information on benefits for qualified operatives who choose to work for a JIB member company can be accessed here, together with a downloadable guide providing employment advice for operatives. Operatives looking for information on mental health related issues should visit the ‘Need to talk?’ page.

About the JIB

The JIB works within the electrical contracting industry to set the highest employment standards and regulate relations between employers and employees.

Value of Membership

Incorporating a broad range of employment resources and benefits, JIB membership represents outstanding value.