Members rate JIB’s overall performance in 2023

The Joint Industry Board (JIB) has shared the results of its 2023 Membership Survey, which revealed that 84% of respondents ranked the organisation’s overall performance as Good, Very Good, or Excellent.

More than 170 people across 161 organisations responded to the survey, which was conducted in October last year. Of these respondents, 77% considered JIB membership to be important to their business and 89% said the JIB makes them feel valued as a member.

Among the top three reasons given for joining the JIB was that JIB membership is regarded as the mark of a quality employer. Guidance, advice and information on employment law was voted as one of the top three benefits of JIB membership, alongside the JIB Skills Development Fund and the benefits package, including the healthcare scheme.

Setting the standards for employment and grading apprentices was given as the top priority of the JIB by its members, with 84% saying delivery of this was Good, Very Good or Excellent.

Asked about areas they would like to see developed, members suggested an increase in the promotion of JIB members, additional opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and more market, industry and legislative updates.

Roger Horne, JIB Head of Membership, said: “Feedback from the annual JIB Membership Survey is vital for us to see our members’ views on what we are doing well and where we can improve on the services we deliver. There have been some consistently positive responses in a number of areas over the past few years but the key to success is to build on what you’ve done previously. Listening to and acting upon the thoughts of our members will help us continue to develop and grow as an organisation, and deliver a first class service to our membership.”

View highlights of the JIB Member Survey 2023 here.