The JIB Benefits Scheme

The JIB Benefit Scheme offers real advantages to qualified operatives who choose to work for a JIB company member.

The Scheme

  • Private Medical Cover
  • Occupational Health Assessments
  • JIB sick pay in addition to statutory sick pay
  • Death Benefit
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Permanent and Total Disability Benefit
  • Employee Assistance Helpline

Further details can be found in Section 9 of the JIB Handbook which will contain the most up to date information. 

You can also download a JIB Benefits Scheme summary leaflet for more information.

Direct Access Services

The Private Medical Cover includes access to a number of specialist Bupa teams that you can call to receive support and treatment, usually without the need for a GP referral.

Support can be received without the need for a GP referral if you are experiencing:

  • Problems with muscles, bones or joints
  • Are worried about cancer symptoms
  • Problems with cataracts

To use the Direct Access Services or to begin a private medical claim contact Bupa on 0345 606 0802. Please note that GP referral is required for all other treatments not listed above.

Who can join the scheme?

It is a condition of JIB company membership that all their qualified operatives must be entered into the Benefits Scheme and their credits purchased by direct debit on a weekly basis.

If you work for a JIB company and have any questions about the scheme ask your employer for details or contact the ECIS Benefits Team on 0330 221 0241.

About the JIB

The JIB works within the electrical contracting industry to set the highest employment standards and regulate relations between employers and employees.

Value of Membership

Incorporating a broad range of employment resources and benefits, JIB membership represents outstanding value.