Turning down the noise: protecting auditory health

Our colleagues at ECIS explore solutions for noise reduction and how employers can create a safer workplace.

Why noise matters

In the bustling world of electrical contracting, our attention is often captured by the immediate, visible dangers surrounding us. This article highlights a hazard that may be less apparent but is equally significant – extreme noise. Noise at work transcends mere annoyance; it’s a pervasive risk with far-reaching consequences for health and safety:

Hearing health: Continuous loud noise seriously threatens our auditory health, potentially leading to irreversible hearing loss. Beyond the immediate impact, this affects our ability to communicate and connect, fundamentally altering how we interact with the world around us.

Stress and well-being. The relentless backdrop of noise in a work setting can significantly elevate stress levels. This chronic stress wears down mental health, leading to anxiety, sleep disturbances, and a decrease in overall well-being. Consequently, a stressed worker’s focus and productivity can plummet, raising the potential for safety oversights and diminished work quality.

Physical health beyond hearing. The repercussions of noise-induced stress extend to physical health. Prolonged exposure to loud environments can result in heightened blood pressure and an increased heart rate, which contribute to a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Safety communication. Essential safety communications can be easily masked by ambient noise. The inability to hear alarms, warnings, or even a colleague’s shout for attention can significantly increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries on site.

Understanding how noise impacts us shows the need for thorough ear protection and underlines the importance of creating a safer, healthier work environment for everyone.

How ECIS can help

ECIS, a regulated insurance intermediary, focuses on delivering Private Medical Insurance tailored for companies within the construction sector. The JIB works with ECIS to provide healthcare benefits for JIB Member Companies. The scheme offers a wide-ranging safety net covering:

Access to specialists and preventive care. The scheme facilitates swift referrals to audiologists and hearing specialists, ensuring that employees have access to expert care when they need it most. Access to hearing assessments, included as part of the scheme, play a pivotal role in the early identification and management of hearing issues.

24/7 Support and confidential assistance. The Bupa Employee Assistance Programme offers support around the clock, providing a confidential outlet for those grappling with hearing concerns or the stress of noise exposure. This constant availability is a lifeline, ensuring that help is always just a phone call away.

Investing in Productivity

By choosing to invest in the ECIS health benefits, available through JIB membership, electrical contracting business owners demonstrate commitment to the health and safety of their teams. It shows an appreciation of the value of the workforce as the bedrock of their business. Healthy teams mean successful businesses.

Get in touch to find out more about more about the benefits of being a member of the JIB via this form or email membership@JIB.org.uk.

For those with existing healthcare plans, ECIS can thoroughly review your current arrangements and provide a quote for comparison. To contact ECIS directly email ecis@ecins.co.uk.