Promoting wellbeing and loyalty: Health coverage for your employees’ families

As an employer, you might recognise the merits of Private Medical Insurance (PMI) through the JIB Benefits Scheme – notably, the quality of the healthcare and peace of mind it gives you and your employees. But are you aware that your employees can extend this protection to their immediate family?

The JIB Private Medical Insurance Scheme, facilitated by ECIS, provides in-patient, day-patient, and outpatient care when necessary. By allowing your employees to extend their PMI to cover their families, you provide them with the same high-quality care and assurance they value. Such an inclusion contributes to a healthier and safer future for their families. From routine consultations to specialised care, the ECIS PMI Scheme can address the entire healthcare needs of your employee’s household.

Health coverage for every family member

ECIS recognises the importance of your employees’ families’ health. The aim is to ensure they enjoy the same high standard of care. While the NHS is invaluable, PMI introduces additional advantages:

Convenient Medical Consultations:

The policy includes remote medical services for easy, anytime advice. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of appointment setting. Your employees can now obtain health insights from the comfort of their own home on various issues. The Digital GP service can help with common ailments and the Direct Access services support more critical issues like cancer.

Prompt and thorough treatment:

While the NHS delivers unparalleled healthcare, certain treatment waiting times can be concerning, especially when prompt attention is essential. PMI ensures quicker access to medical care, facilitating a speedy return to health.

Patient preferences and autonomy:

PMI permits the selection of specific doctors, specialists, and hospitals. This autonomy allows employees to opt for healthcare providers that best suit their families’ preferences and needs.

Specialised services:

PMI often encompasses treatments, services, and drugs that may not be immediately available under the NHS. These treatments can include specialised therapies, alternative procedures, and the latest medical innovations.

Privacy and amenities:

In healthcare, both privacy and comfort significantly impact the healing journey. Being part of the ECIS PMI Scheme grants patients access to private hospitals equipped with exclusive rooms. Such spaces guarantee physical ease and promise a peaceful atmosphere conducive to rapid recovery.

Wellbeing that provides peace of mind:

Incorporating families in the ECIS PMI Scheme promotes their health and offers a safety net for your employees. Including dependents in the existing PMI plan can often be more economical than acquiring separate health policies for each family member. ECIS provides rates that can generate significant savings. Therefore, including dependents can help provide premium healthcare without overstretching household budgets.

Simple inclusion of family members:

Integrating family members into a policy is straightforward. All that’s needed are the intended beneficiaries’ names, birth dates, and addresses. As the employer, you can incorporate these details via the Canopy employer portal. Alternatively, details can be forwarded to the ECIS benefits team for processing. Either the company covers the extra premium and deducts the sum from the employee’s wages, or the employee can manage the payment directly.

Attract, Retain, Support: The benefits to your business

When employers extend medical cover to their employees’ families, it can enhance goodwill and loyalty. Having insured families can help employees concentrate better at work, as concerns about family health issues are addressed. This can lead to fewer unexpected absences, given the potential for quicker medical attention.

Additionally, providing extended benefits makes a company more appealing to new joiners. Over time, this gesture towards employees’ families underscores an employer’s interest in the overall well-being of its staff, positively influencing company culture.

Extending the ECIS PMI Scheme to loved ones

Empower your employees by extending the benefits of Private Medical Insurance to their families today through the ECIS PMI Scheme. Contact or 0330 221 0241 to help their families receive premium healthcare.