JIB members asked to help with training the next generation

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) has recently asked the JIB and its members for support in the development of three new T Levels and is seeking help and representation on the panels from employers.

T Levels are the new two-year courses taken after GCSEs, broadly equivalent to three A Levels. These are vocational qualifications to offer practical and knowledge-based learning, with a minimum of 45 days of industry placement as a mandatory part of the programme to learn about an occupation on the job as well as in the classroom.

IfATE worked with employers, providers and industry experts to identify the range of progression options available following completion of a T Level, aligned with their occupational maps. This includes mapping content that is common to each T Level and its associated occupational standards. The Department for Education has also been working with higher education providers to identify options for progression into higher education.

The JIB’s position has always been to promote the recognised industry standards which form the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) framework in each occupational discipline, and to ensure any routes such as T Levels are recognised as potential entry routes into industry, but do not necessarily lead to qualified or skilled status without further development, training and in particular, vocational experience and assessment. T Levels were specifically designed on the same standards as apprenticeships with the intention that students completing T Levels can then go on to the relevant apprenticeship.

IfATE are now seeking involvement for the potential development of three new T Levels in:

  • Building services engineering
  • Design, surveying and planning
  • On-site construction

If you or someone in your company is able to help with the development of these routes, then get in touch by dropping us at email at membership@jib.org.uk and we will put you in touch with the Government Department.

The profiles will evolve as T Levels and occupational standards are updated and as IfATE continues to engage with employers, providers and industry experts. The JIB will continue to support IfATE, the Department for Education and others to raise the bar on standards across the electrotechnical industry and encourage skills development and upskilling for contractors and individuals. You can also find out more about ECS Industry Placement cards for T Level students on the ECS website.