ICC holds inaugural meeting

The Industry Competence Committee (ICC) has held its inaugural meeting, during which there was a positive discussion on how the ICC will help drive industry to improve competence across the built environment and increase standards in the skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours of those working across the built environment.

JIB Chief Executive Jay Parmar was appointed as a member of the Committee earlier this year. ICC members are drawn from diverse backgrounds across the built environment working together to provide the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) with reliable and insightful advice and intelligence.

ICC will be building on work already carried out by the interim committee in helping BSR and wider industry understand the competence landscape and, using current evidence, will prioritise a workplan for the coming year.

The Building Safety Act reaches key milestones in October and improved competency is crucial to improving the standards achieved by organisations and individuals in the built environment.

From October 2023, developers of high-rise buildings will no longer be able to choose whether they want to use local authority building control or a privately approved inspector as their building control body. The BSR will automatically be the building control authority for all high-rise buildings.

Competence assessment is part of the pathway for building control professionals to become registered building inspectors. The register will open in October 2023, with registration mandatory from April 2024, when Building Control will officially become a regulated profession.

From that date (April 2024), individual building control professionals, working for both the private sector and local authorities, will need to have passed an independent competence assessment to operate, and they will be required to be registered on the BSR’s register of building inspectors.