Exclusive PMI scheme for JIB members

Like many JIB members, you may be finding it difficult to attract and retain skilled employees. But did you know many employers find that offering Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is a cost-effective way of helping employees feel valued?

An exclusive scheme for JIB members

The JIB Benefit Credit includes PMI cover with Bupa which is arranged and administered by ECIS, a chartered insurance broker with a wealth of experience in the health and wellbeing market. The PMI scheme has served JIB members for over 40 years and provides a range of benefits to help keep your staff healthy and support them if they become unwell.

And it’s not only for your operatives. You can also cover your office-based employees on the Bupa PMI scheme.

There are several benefits of the ECIS PMI scheme for your business:

Quicker access to medical treatment

Getting help, treatment, and support for health concerns as early as possible is vital for any medical condition. With PMI, employees are usually treated quicker than they would be through the NHS, helping your staff get back on their feet and back to work faster.

The choice of when and where medical specialists treat you

Generally, with NHS treatment, patients have little say over who they are treated by, when and where. With PMI, your employees usually have greater choice about when and where they are treated.

More ways to access quality healthcare

The ECIS PMI scheme includes additional services which go beyond access to just hospital treatment. For example, the Babylon Digital GP service provides access to a GP 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and appointments are generally available within two hours. 

In addition, the Employee Assistance Programme is a free, confidential telephone service which supports your employees with issues that may be impacting their wellbeing and work performance.

Premium stability

ECIS can help protect policyholders from significant year-on-year increases driven by high-value individual claims. ECIS achieve this by pooling members into a single scheme. As a result, Scheme members have benefited from years of premium stability relative to the wider market, helping to ensure that the cost of providing this valuable benefit remains sustainable.

Employees can add family members to the scheme

Having peace of mind that their loved ones are looked after can help with your employees’ productivity and morale. 

Family members get the same excellent health care benefits and the reassurance that they can access services such as the Babylon Digital GP.

If your employee has a spouse/partner and/or children, they can be added to the ECIS scheme. The premium for the family members can be paid by the company and recovered from the employee’s salary, or the employee can pay for the cover directly. 

How ECIS can help

If you’re thinking of a PMI policy for your office-based employees or would like ECIS to review your current arrangements, speak to the ECIS team on 0330 221 0241 or visit them at www.ecins.co.uk. We’re also here to help with any questions about the JIB Benefits Scheme.