Boosting wellbeing and workforce productivity with speedier access to healthcare

The JIB works with ECIS to provide a number of healthcare benefits for JIB Member Companies. This includes technology-driven solutions, which enhance productivity by providing easy access to quality medical care.

Waiting for medical care can be frustrating for those in the electrical contracting sector, where every day on the job counts. The ECIS Private Medical Insurance (PMI) scheme uses cutting edge technology to offer much faster access to doctors and specialists than the NHS.

Doctor’s appointments

If getting a doctor’s appointment is proving to be a hassle for your team, the ECIS PMI Scheme offers you a backup plan. Bupa’s Digital GP service, included in the Scheme, adapts to your schedule, not the other way around. Accessing healthcare is as easy as tapping an app. Within 24 hours, you can have a consultation with a doctor, physiotherapist, or mental health specialist via a video or phone call.

If there’s a need for further treatment, they can arrange referrals too, making it easier and faster to get back to feeling great and focusing on the job. For employers this mean less time off for your crew and fewer delays. It helps to keep your projects moving and your clients happy. For employees, quick medical appointments via an app mean health issues can be tackled before they become more serious. You can access care without having to take time away from the job site.

Proactive care with Remote Skin Assessment

Another technology driven solution is the Remote Skin Assessment service. This allows you to snap a picture of a skin issue and get advice from a dermatologist within hours. It catches issues early, which can mean fewer problems and less downtime later. This offers peace of mind for employers, knowing your team is in good hands, and for employees with faster answers, earlier treatment and less worry.

Smart business

With technology at its core, the ECIS PMI Scheme brings high-quality healthcare directly to your team’s fingertips, whether they’re in the office or out on site. This level of care enhances your team’s wellbeing and demonstrates your commitment as an employer to their health and happiness. It’s also a tool to attract the best talent, reduce costly downtime and position your company as a great workplace, setting your business apart. Investing in ECIS PMI isn’t just about doing the right thing for your employees, it’s also about doing the smart thing for your business.

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For those with existing healthcare plans, ECIS can thoroughly review your current arrangements and provide a quote for comparison. To contact ECIS directly email