Employment Advice

The National Working Rules, within the JIB Handbook, act as a comprehensive set of terms & conditions of employment adopted by all JIB company members, as a condition of membership, that apply to directly employed operatives and apprentices. The JIB Handbook also acts as an invaluable guide, providing best practice in other areas as well as highlighting areas of employment law that need to be met.

The Rules provide a clear definition for company members and operatives, covering all the key aspects of employment in the electrical contracting environment, which can cause uncertainty, unrest and disputes in non JIB member companies.

If you have any questions or need guidance regarding the terms and procedures under the National Working Rules, contact ir@jib.org.uk or call 01322 661600 and select Industrial Relations/Terms and Conditions.

Training support for those made redundant

If you have been made redundant or are on notice of redundancy and wish to undertake training to assist in finding new employment, you may be eligible to apply for a grant from the JIB Skills Development Fund. Find out more information, including about ReAct Funding for those who live in Wales, on the JIB Skills Development Fund page.

Redundancy Support

In our brief guide to redundancy, the JIB provides an overview of the main provisions of the legislation covering redundancy. The information provides some initial guidance but should not be regarded as a legal interpretation. Download the brief guide here.

There is also further guidance on redundancy procedures contained within Section 6 of the JIB Handbook.

Redundancy Calculator

The Gov.UK website has produced a helpful redundancy calculator that helps you work out how much statutory redundancy pay you can get. It’s based on age, weekly pay and number of years in the job.

Visit the Gov.UK website to find out more

About the JIB

The JIB works within the electrical contracting industry to set the highest employment standards and regulate relations between employers and employees.

Value of Membership

Incorporating a broad range of employment resources and benefits, JIB membership represents outstanding value.