Client Recognition

The JIB has continued to work with some of the industry’s largest and most respected clients to encourage the use of JIB member companies and the standards which underpin our members.


High Speed Two Limited (HS2 Ltd) has released its Employee and Industrial Relations (EIR) Code of Practice, which brings significant advantages to JIB member companies looking to work on one of the most demanding and exciting transport projects in Europe.

HS2 is one of many high-profile projects that have required contractors to meet the terms and conditions set under the JIB collective agreement as a minimum as well as employ directly and promote apprenticeships and training. JIB member companies are therefore well-placed to win HS2-related contracts as they can quickly and easily demonstrate compliance by the fact they are a member of the JIB. 

SCS Railways was part of the team which authored the Code in support of HS2. Formed by Skanska Construction UK, Costain and Strabag, SCS Railways has won contracts on the Northolt Tunnels and Euston Tunnels and Approaches. Peter Raza, Head of Employee & Industrial Relations at CSjv & SCS Railways, commented: “SCS Railways recognises the importance of high standards of employment on national infrastructure projects, such as HS2, to achieve and maintain harmonious employee and industrial relations.

“This Code of Practice sets out the need to recognise and comply with the industry benchmarks for qualifications and skills (such as through CSCS and partner schemes) and, crucially, terms and conditions and other benefits of employment contained in the National Working Rule Agreements, e.g. the Joint Industry Board for the Electrotechnical Industry (JIB).”


Major projects such as Crossrail have required contractors to meet the terms and conditions set under the JIB collective agreement as a minimum as well as employ directly and promote apprenticeships and training. This gives a significant advantage to JIB member companies who can quickly and easily demonstrate compliance by the fact they are a member of the JIB. This is why JIB membership represents the gold standard for contractors who are looking to work on the UK’s leading projects. 

Companies should remember to include details of their JIB membership and certificate during PQQs. To find out more about JIB membership or obtain a copy of your Company’s membership certificate, please contact

Image credit: JIB member company, TA Ronan Ltd

Central Government Contracts

The Government recently launched a new model for delivering social value through government’s commercial activities, which requires the explicit evaluation of social value in all central government 

procurement as part of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.  The Procurement Policy Note released in September 2020 sets out the themes and outcomes which will be considered when evaluating these tenders, and JIB member companies, as part of their marked efforts on direct employment, skills development and employee health, are well placed to meet many of the requirements on:

  • Supporting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the workforce (such as through the JIB Benefits Scheme and Mental Health services)
  • Creating employment opportunities and skills development in a sector with skills shortages 
  • Apprenticeships, traineeships and schemes leading to industry recognised qualifications 
  • Contribute to net zero carbon greenhouse gas emissions targerts and environmental technologies 
  • Tackle workforce inequality through nationally recognised terms and conditions of employment (JIB National Working Rules)
  • Demonstrate actions to identify and manage risk of modern slavery (ECS cards through the Employer Portal and ECS Check for monitoring the supply chain )

When your company is tendering for contracts with central government, remember to set out that you are a JIB member company meeting the gold standard for employment in the industry and how this benefits the local community through improved social value. 

Construction Charters

There are now more than 65 local authorities across the UK who have signed Construction Charters with Unite the Union. 

Although exact wording may vary, most states the authority’s commitment to various principles for construction procurement including: 

  1. Promoting direct employment and avoiding false self-employment
  2. Pay and conditions in line with relevant working rule agreements (including the JIB Agreement)
  3. Promoting high-quality work and apprenticeships
  4. Promoting safe working practices

JIB membership is recognised by clients as the gold standard for employment and meets some of these core concepts such as direct employment, industry-recognised terms and conditions. promotion of safe working practices and ensuring the proper qualified status of the electrical workforce (through ECS). This means JIB member companies are well placed to meet the requirements of these Charters and provides them with an advantage over those who do not meet these requirements. 

If you are tendering for work with one of the local authorities which has signed a Construction Charter, remember to promote your JIB membership in meeting the above requirements including industry recognised terms and conditions. To find out more about how JIB membership can benefit your company, contact the JIB Membership Team at or call 01322 661600

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