Workplace health

Constructing better heatlhJIB members can now gain help and support on work-related health issues thanks to a partnership we’ve launched with Constructing Better Health (CBH). Membership to CBH is incorporated as part of the JIB benefit credit for JIB member companies.  However, if companies subsequently engage an accredited Occupational Health Service Provider (OHSP) to carry out work-related health surveillance for their employees, the company will bear the cost.

Who is CBH?

CBH is a not-for-profit national membership organisation for the management of occupational health (OH) in the construction industry. CBH is dedicated to helping the construction industry achieve a fit and healthy workforce by providing guidelines for the proper management of occupational or work-related health.

Health in the workplace

Occupational health schemes differ from personal health schemes such as Bupa in that their focus is on work and health assessments made in and specifically relating to the workplace, whilst personal schemes look after general health and involve personal health checks.

The importance of occupational health to a JIB company

Legislation requires organisations to ensure the health and safety of their employees. There are many health risks that your employees are potentially exposed to on a daily basis, and employers have a duty of care to ensure that the workforce is fit for the task they are undertaking. This could include regular checks on employees’ eyesight, the ability to work in confined spaces or at heights.

Supporting a healthy and happy workforce

By implementing a robust, company-wide occupational health programme, JIB contractors can enhance the sustainability, reputation and profitability of their business in various ways, including through a reduction in sickness absence.

The health checks identified by CBH are those required by law or considered to be best practice, as well as those that make good business sense.  

Getting your occupational health services in place means:

  • Peace of mind knowing you are meeting legal requirements for occupational risk management and taking steps to protect your staff
  • A planned approach to the health of your employees, saving you money in the long run
  • A healthier, more informed workforce means reduced levels of absenteeism

Benefits provided by CBH

You have access to CBH's online Construction Health Action Toolkit (CHAT), an interactive occupational health management system to assess and manage occupational health for your workforce.

Using the risk analysis generated by CHAT, you can develop an action plan that includes:

  • Training and awareness
  • Regular medical surveillance to detect and prevent any health risks at work
  • Guidance documents, toolkits and advice on how to promote a healthy workforce

Other benefits include:

  • Access to friendly, professional, impartial advice on workplace health
  • Access to a helpline for impartial and confidential OH advice
  • Members' newsletter
  • Priority booking for training, networking events and conferences
  • Access to research/reports and resources for management of OH benchmarking/stats
  • Demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility and respect for people
  • The cost of work-related health assessments can be off set against corporation tax

JIB/CBH dedicated advice line

The CBH also provides a free and impartial helpline for guidance on work-related health issues.

Applying for membership

Visit the CBH website to download and complete an application form. Then return it to CBH for processing.

More information

Contact the JIB/CBH advice line 01293 586786 or download a leaflet.

Ten easy steps to joining the CBH scheme

Download the 10 Easy Steps to Better Health.