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Want to grow your business with a qualified, motivated and stable workforce? Then JIB membership is for you!

Employment sorted

Becoming a JIB member helps you get every element of employment sorted:

  • Employment terms & conditions
  • Employment Benefits, including healthcare and insurance protection
  • Financial support for training
  • Free employment advice and dispute resolution
  • PLUS unique access to new business.

Who can join?

Our members range from companies with one qualified electrician often the business owner) and one apprentice, setting their employment arrangements on a sound footing, through to some of the largest players in the industry, who benefit from recognised Gold Standard employment practices.

JIB membership is FREE to ECA members. Others pay a subscription based on the number of operatives they employ.

Employment Terms & Conditions

JIB membership places your employment practices on a sound and legal footing, without the need to pay legal costs. Detailed, industry recognised, employment terms & conditions remove the confusion and uncertainty that can lead to argument and disputes. The terms are updated to meet changes in employment law.

Employment Advice & Dispute Resolution

As a new member, we'll help you to set up the terms & conditions for your staff. We also provide a free dispute resolution service, should you need it, with a very high record of resolving disputes and avoiding legal and tribunal costs.In 2016, 37 cases were referred to the JIB for mediation, with none of them proceeding to a formal hearing.

Healthcare & Personal Insurances

The JIB Benefit Scheme has a large membership base, which enables the JIB to provide its private medical insurance and personal insurances package at £14.70 (Jan 2017 rate) per operative per week.

The Benefits Scheme includes:

  • Private medical cover, including pre-existing conditions
  • Health screening
  • JIB sick pay in addition to statutory sick pay
  • Death benefit
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Permanent and total disability benefit
  • Employee assistance helpline

The Benefits Scheme is part of the terms & conditions for operatives. A separate scheme is also available to office based owners, directors and staff.

Financial support for training

Up to £625 training support per year per course is available, through the JIB Skills Development Fund, for each of your operatives or apprentices who wish to further their skills.

Unique access to new business

It's a condition of JIB membership that members only employ fellow JIB companies when subcontracting electrical work. This provides members looking for new work with a unique opportunity to promote their skills to fellow members.


Find out all the benefits of JIB membership

Please give us a call on 01322 661605 or use the meeting request form to arrange a no obligation chat in your office with your local JIB Regional Advisor.