Welsh ethical employment code of practice welcomed by JIB

Apr 03, 2017

The launch of a new ethical employment code of practice by the Welsh Government puts JIB members in a strong position to promote their excellent employment standards, says JIB chief executive Steve Brawley.

All companies bidding for public sector contracts in Wales are now expected to sign up to the code and demonstrate that they and their entire supply chain meet certain criteria. Covering six key subjects, the code contains 12 commitments, ranging from unlawful and unethical practices to good and best practice.

JIB members adhere to the electrical industry’s National Working Rules and provide agreed terms and conditions for their staff, along with a package of employee benefits. With such structures in place, they are well-placed to highlight their compliance with the code when tendering for public sector work.

“We’re delighted to see the Welsh Government making good employment practices a top priority,” said Steve. “The code presents a great opportunity for JIB members who are working in Wales and are part of the supply chain for public sector clients. JIB membership allows them to demonstrate a commitment to fair employment standards and their support for their workforce.”

JIB Regional Boards (RJIBs) will be promoting the code to members at local level, and the JIB will include details in its recruitment material for new companies.