Updating your membership details

Keeping us up-to-date helps us to keep you informed and can provide additional work opportunities.

An up to date profile:

  • Makes sure we are able to keep your JIB Representative and Health & Safety informed of news, changes and information.
  • Enables clients looking for a JIB electrical contractor in your area to find you, in the Find a Member section of the site.
  • Gives clients and specifiers the ability to verify your membership.
  • Enables fellow JIB members to find qualified subcontractors (JIB company members are obliged to subcontract electrical work to fellow JIB members under the JIB rules).

Updating your details

To update your details please log in here using your JIB membership number and password. From here you can edit your member listing and also your public profile which is displayed in the 'Find a JIB member' results.