Occupational Health Assessments – A New Benefit for 2018

Occupational Health Assessments from the JIB

As an employer, you have a duty to ensure your employees are protected from work-based health risks.

We’re delighted to announce that your JIB membership will soon provide even greater support to help you meet your occupational health responsibilities.

From 01 January 2018, JIB members can receive full funding for Occupational Health Assessments for all operatives that participate in the JIB Benefits Scheme.

Each operative can receive one funded Occupational Health Assessment (OHA) every three years, via one of our JIB-approved providers. You can obtain this funding from ECIS up to the cost of the OHA, or £85 (excl. VAT), whichever is the lowest amount.

You do not have to send your employees for assessments. However, this facility is funded as part of the JIB Benefits Scheme and the new OHA arrangements will help to deliver various benefits including improved compliance with health and safety law, and meeting client and/or main contractor occupational health requirements.

This doesn’t affect Bupa private medical cover, which remains in place. This new occupational health benefit replaces only the Bupa personal health assessments, which were undertaken periodically by operatives.

By implementing an occupational health programme, you can protect your most valuable resource, reduce sickness absence and enhance the sustainability, reputation and profitability of your business. We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable new benefit from the JIB.

What to do next

You’ll be able to start booking your OHAs from 01 January 2018. In the meantime we recommend that you:

  1. Take a look at how information on how the process works
  2. Look at the JIB-approved OHA providers and consider who might best suit your needs
  3. Communicate this forthcoming change to your eligible staff. Information specially tailored for them can be found at www.jib.org.uk/oha-operative

How does it work?


Check out our easy step-by-step guide to undertaking OHAs

Choose your OHA provider


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What is tested during the Occupational Health Assessment?


An overview of what tests are carried out as part of the JIB-specified Occupational Health Assessment

Download a briefing sheet for operatives


An overview of the new OHA initiative to share with your eligible members of staff