Just started your electrical apprenticeship?

Welcome to the industry! The JIB has produced a short video to give you a brief introduction to what the JIB does – we hope you find it helpful!

Overall, the JIB can help with questions or issues about your employment, and what you’re entitled to during your apprenticeship.

Are you a JIB-registered apprentice?

Why not download the JIB Apprentice App? – it’s got loads of information on things like pay, training and ECS cards, plus other useful tools that you can use during your apprenticeship.

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How do you know if you're a JIB-registered apprentice?

Ask your training provider or college if your apprenticeship is registered with the JIB and they'll be able to tell you. We work with a number of training providers across the country to offer a great package of benefits to apprentices. If they don't register with us, please make them aware of the benefits and see if they wish to consider it.

Read more about JIB apprentice registration.

Find out more about JIB Apprentice Registration

The JIB’s Apprentice Registration scheme offers a great package of benefits to support apprentices and their employers. Read more…