Marketing Support for JIB Members

Tell your customers you are a JIB Member Company

JIB membership is a condition on certain electrical contracts and clients recognise that a fair approach to employment is a good indication of the way a company operates and conducts every aspect of its business. They know the impact this can have on customer care and quality of work. So it makes sense

to tell your customers that you are part of the elite network in electrical contracting.

JIB Member Company logo

You can request this logo using the form below for use on your website, and also for commercially printed stationery, signage, business cards, leaflets etc.

Client leaflet

Why you should choose a JIB electrical contractor is available to give to clients as part of your company’s credentials. You can download it here or request hard copies via the form on the right.

Van and hard hat decals

Van decals sized 250 x 190mm are available for members’ vehicles. Hard hat decals sized 60 x 42mm are also available.

Sample copy supporting your JIB membership

The following are examples of how you can describe your JIB company membership on your website, in your leaflets and other promotional material to make sure your customers know what JIB membership says about you

Example 1

Setting the electrical contracting industry’s standards for training, competence and terms and conditions of employment, the JIB helps its members establish and maintain employment conditions that attract, train and motivate good staff. Our JIB membership, assures clients that they are engaging qualified staff, with technical competence and customer service that only a motivated workforce can provide.

Example 2

The JIB promotes higher employment standards, training and safety awareness in the electrical contracting sector.

By making a commitment to fair wages and employment terms for our staff, we have earned the right to display the JIB mark. This helps us recruit, retain and motivate a higher calibre of staff, providing a higher level of service to you the client.

In addition, every one of our electricians has been individually assessed as competent and safety aware by the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) which is administered by the JIB.




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