JIB Handbook


The JIB Handbook is the definitive guide to employment matters for JIB members and their operatives. It contains guidance on issues relating to the National Working Rules, grading definitions, industry training schemes, the JIB Benefits Scheme and more detailed information on employment law and practice.

You can choose to download the whole handbook below, or just the relevant section you need:


Handbook Sections


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Grades, Wages & Allowances

All grades, wages and allowances can be found within the various chapters of the JIB handbook which is downloadable on the left.

Key sections to look for are:

- Wages and Allowances: Section 2
(Highway Lighting - Section 5)

- Grading definitions: Section 4

Lodging Allowance

The current Lodging Allowance, as of 2nd January 2017, is £38.72 per night, with a revised retention payment up to a maximum of £12.74 per night (£89.18 per week). The weekend retention rate is £38.72 per night.

This represents an increase of 1.7%. The 2016 Lodging Allowance was £38.07 per night.