JIB Disputes Procedure

We have had over 40 years’ experience of dispute resolution and mediation. Our aim is to provide a forum by which we fairly adjudicate upon all kinds of disputes arising from industry employment.

Under the JIB Disputes Procedure, we act as an independent industrial relations body operating on behalf of the industry.  Our disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures (collectively known as the Disputes Procedures) are set out within the JIB National Working Rules 19 & 20. You’ll also find an overview on how the disputes procedure operates in section 3 of the JIB Handbook.

Some of the benefits to using the JIB Disputes Procedure are:

  • It is free to use (and there are no fees that can be levied against employers if a Claimant is successful through the process such as through the Employment Tribunal)
  • There is a free mediation service, which has a consistently high success rate (all claims in 2016 were resolved without the need to hold a Dispute Hearing)
  • It is highly regarded by Acas and Sir Brendan Barber has provided a quote to recognise our model
  • By using a service that is specific to the industry, there is a much greater chance that the issue can be resolved earlier prior to a case being lodged at Tribunal and parties becoming “entrenched in their views”
  • You will also be able to save on any legal costs as representation through the procedure is available free of charge from the ECA, if you are a member.

A free mediation and conciliation service is also available to our company members, any of their directly-employed JIB-graded operatives and all apprentices. This can be provided even if a claim has not yet been lodged.

To take advantage of this Pre-claim Mediation and Conciliation service please email ir@jib.org.uk or call 01322 661600 and select the Industrial Relations Department.

Rule 17 Claims

Unite the Union Officers may bring claims for a Breach of National Working Rule 17. Companies responding to these claims will need to use the specific reply form below: 

There is a specific Guidance Booklet available which should be read when completing a Respondent's Reply Form for Rule 17 claims.