JIB Accident Survey

JIB Accident Survey 2016

JIB members are asked on an annual basis to provide their RIDDOR reportable accident statistics, for the previous year.  These statistics are compiled into the JIB’s annual Survey of Accidents at Work, which informs the industry and helps identify where more work needs to be done to prevent future accidents. So it is very important that as many JIB member companies as possible take part, in order to provide a realistic picture.

Electrical industry accidents at all-time low

The electrical contracting industry has continued its excellent safety record with a further improvement in the reportable accident rate, contributing to a remarkable trend of continual improvement over the last 15 years (see graph above).

The 2016 JIB 'Survey of Accidents' report, based on statistics gathered by JIB and ECA members, shows that the 2016 accident incidence rate (AIR) for RIDDOR-reportable accidents is only 14% of what it was in 2001.

Download the 2016 JIB ‘Survey of Accidents’ report

Once again, there were no reported fatalities in the survey, which showed an industry AIR of 216.38 per 100,000 operatives, which compares to the 2001 figure of 1600/100,000. Of the accidents that occurred in 2016, falls were reported as the most prevalent type of serious injury.

The chart above shows the fall in the Accident Incidence Rate between 2001 and 2016.

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