Industry to benefit from JIB and Electrical Industries Charity partnership

Jul 11, 2017

For many years the JIB has worked in conjunction with the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) to help support and benefit the industry.

We’re now delighted to announce that our partnership has been strengthened even further.

Two of the JIB’s core initiatives – the Skills Development Fund and the Apprentice Exchange Programme – are set to receive a boost thanks to the increased alliance between the JIB and EIC.

Skills Development Fund gets a boost

In the first of two new collaborations, the JIB Skills Development Fund is now working with the Electrical Industries Charity to fund courses where the individual may have experienced difficult personal circumstances.

The Skills Development Fund already supports the unemployed who are looking to train to re-enter the workforce. This partnership with the EIC will not only help these individuals further than we could do on our own, but will also now reach others in the industry who are furthering their education and show terrific determination to achieve academic progress.

When applying for a grant from the Skills Development Fund, applicants just need to check the box stating there are personal circumstances they would like to discuss with the Electrical Industries Charity. We do not ask in the application what the circumstances are, as the EIC will discuss these directly with the applicant.

To find out more and download an application form please see the JIB Skills Development Fund on the JIB website. The JIB can support those employed by JIB member companies, any apprentice registered with the JIB and the unemployed; the EIC will support applicants across the whole industry.

If you’re undertaking higher level qualifications, please also contact us about our Scholarship Grant as there is particular support available from the JIB and EIC for those undertaking Master’s Level qualifications and above.

For more details on the Skills Development Fund please email Andy Reakes at the JIB or call 01322 661610

Two extra apprentices to benefit from 2017 Exchange Programme

Following the application and interview process that took place recently, we can now announce who’ll be travelling to Brisbane, Australia, to live and work for six weeks from October 2017.

Thanks to the EIC’s support and sponsorship, we are thrilled to announce that this year not one, but two lucky apprentices will undertake this once in a lifetime trip. The winners are Joshua Horton of RB Emerson Group Ltd based in Essex and George Stickings, T Clarke plc, London.

The EIC is not only sponsoring a second apprentice to travel to Australia, but will also support a second apprentice arriving in the UK from the USA later in 2017.

Tessa Ogle, Managing Director of the Electrical Industries Charity said: "The partnership with JIB has already proven successful, with two applicants from the Skills Development Fund being provided with additional services from the Charity dealing with major emotional trauma and job loss. The two selected apprentices for the exchange programme will be given an opportunity to give back to the industry, supporting young apprentices struggling with various issues in a peer-to-peer mentoring programme. This is where you see the industry working together to support our most valuable asset – our industry's people."

Mick Tuff, Chairman of the JIB Skills Development Fund added: “We are incredibly grateful for the Electrical Industries Charity’s support. They have provided an incredible opportunity for an additional apprentice to learn, develop and also provide a second perspective on how contractors in Brisbane operate. We hope this will allow an exchange of ideas that could benefit industry practice or procedure in areas such as health and safety, training or industrial relations.”

In addition to the two initiatives mentioned here, the Electrical Industries Charity provides assistance to all those across the electrical industry to provide a hand up to individuals and organisations in periods of challenge or change.  To find out more about their work please visit the Electrical Industries Charity website