Electrical contract and sub-contract opportunities

Access to sites

JIB recognition provides access to some of the largest construction projects across the country, while the ECS card, held by your qualified staff, is used on many thousands of more sites each year as the means of personal identification and confirmation of qualifications and Health & Safety awareness.

Eligible for sub-contract work

Under JIB rules, company members are obliged to subcontract electrical work to fellow JIB members. The JIB acts as a network of companies eligible for sub-contract work from fellow members and a pool of quality resource for those members looking for a sub-contractor.

If this sub-contracting work is cabling or jointing, then the sub-contracted company must be on the Cabling and Jointing Register.

Accessible to both clients and fellow members, it is well worth updating your details in the ‘Find a Member’ section of this site, see updating your details.

Networking opportunities are also available at JIB regional events. We’ll keep you informed via JIB e-news, see also Events and Regional Meetings.