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JIB publications & resources

The following publications are available to download in PDF format. Some of the publications are only availble to JIB members and require logging in to access the download.

There are also publications that are only available via hardcopy and requiring payment full details are listed below.

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  Ref Publication title
pic JIB634 Training & Further Education Report 2012/2013
pic JIB613 JIB Industrial Determination 2013 and 2014
pic JIB621 Principle Grading Definitions
pic JIB562 2009 JIB Adult Craft Training Scheme
pic JIB608 2011 Training Scheme for Electrotechnical and Allied Trades
pic JIB609 2011 Training Scheme for Mechanical Engineering
pic ECS027 Licensed Centre Application
pic JIB610 Application for Registered Shop
pic JIB520 Disputes Procedure Application Form
pic JIB522 Respondent's Reply Form
pic JIB527 Guide to disputes procedure
pic JIB616 A Brief Guide to Redundancy
pic JIB629 Further Education Fund Leaflet
pic JIB623 Application for the Further Education Fund
pic JIB625 Courses Covered and Not Covered by the Further Education Fund
pic JIB614 2011 Accident Report
pic JIB630 JIB Benefits Report 2012
pic JIB624 JIB Disputes Report 2012
pic JIB539 Industrial Information Service Application for Registration
pic JIB622 Combined Benefit Credit Values
pic JIB580 2009/2010 Value Of Weekly JIB Combined Benefit Credits
pic JIB619 JIB Lodging Allowance Form
pic JIB611 Major Projects Agreement
pic JIB606 2012 Lodging Allowance
pic JIB581 2009/2010 Credits Values For NAECI Sites
pic JIB545 2004 Training Scheme for Electrotechnical Apprentices (Revised)
pic JIB544 IIS Network 5 User Dongle Support
pic JIB543 IIS Single User Dongle Support
pic JIB553 1999/2004 Training Scheme 2008/2009/2010 Wage Rates
pic JIB516 2004 Training Scheme 2005/2006/2007 Wage Rates
pic JIB512 1999 Training Scheme 2005/2006/2007 Wage Rates
pic JIB552 JIB Industrial Determination 2008/2009/2010
pic JIB511 JIB Industrial Determination 2005/2006/2007
pic JIB509 2004 Training Scheme Stage 3 Apprentice Log Book (March 2003 Standards)
pic JIB409 JIB Training Scheme Certification for Completion of Apprenticeship
pic JIB519 Toolkit Replacement Scheme Claim Form
pic JIB384 Sub-contracting/Use of Employment Labour Operatives
pic JIB358R Handtool Replacement Scheme
pic JIB344 Electrical Installaton Apprenticeship Medical Form
pic JIB607 H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubllee

The following publications are available in hard copy format only and require payment.
Please call 03333 218 230 or email to order a copy for delivery.

pic JIB613 2014 JIB Handbook JIB Members £9.00 inc P&P
pic JIB600 2014 JIB Handbook JIB Non-Members £12.00 inc P&P
pic JIB560 National Working Rules (Updated July 2008) £2.00 inc P&P
pic JIB526 Isolation Procedures Check Card £0.50 inc P&P
pic JIB524 Statement of Employment Particulars Pads of 20 (Incl VAT) £12.00 inc P&P
pic JIBxxx Adult Wage Rates 1908-2010 (Incl VAT) £60.00 inc P&P

Other Publications

ECA Guide to the Wiring Regulations which is available to JIB Members at discounted rate.


The Electricians Guide to Good Electrical Practice and
The Electricians Guide to Inspecting and Testing

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